At My Kentucky Tee, our MISSION is to provide our customers with uniquely creative expressions of Kentucky pride that they can wear and share.

Our primary line of business is the TEE OF THE MONTH program, which allows customers to sign up for a tee subscription that provides them with a new Kentucky-inspired tee each month for a monthly fee of $10 + s/h/t ($14.05). The tee designs are exclusive only to subscribers and those who catch us at markets, festivals or pop-up shops.

The Retail Partner Program allows partners access to all Tee Of The Month and non Tee Of The Month tees from the prior years for resale in select storefronts. Currently  our 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 collections are available to retail partners.

As a retail partner, you have the option to use the established color scheme (ink color + tee color) or alter it to your liking. You may also change the cut and material of the tee - women's cut, v-necks, long-sleeves, tri-blends, etc. And want to alter the tee design to include your town name or add additional ink colors? We can work with you on that.

Please contact us directly at to learn more.