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What is Tee of the Month? Tee of the Month is a subscription-based program, priced at just $10/month per shirt (plus $4.05 for shipping & processing per tee). Upon enrollment, you become part of a community of subscribers who receive a new, Kentucky-themed t-shirt every month that is designed uniquely for Tee of the Month subscribers. All shirts are made and shipped directly from us to you. [Available in Adult and Youth sizes]

How do I sign up for Tee of the Month? Signing up for Tee of the Month couldn’t be easier.
1. Click on the Tee of the Month or Subscribe Now! tab at the top of the page.
2. Choose your shirt size.
3. Fill out some account info.
4. Click Submit Order.

How does Tee of the Month work? Upon enrollment in Tee of the Month you will be shipped our Introductory shirt (the dark gray 1792 tee – all new subscribers receive this t-shirt). You will then receive a new, Kentucky-themed t-shirt each new month thereafter. It's our goal to always ship the monthly tees out by the 7th of each month. There is no contract involved with Tee of the Month and you are free to cancel at any time … but hey, at just $10/month plus shipping & processing (currently $4.05) who would want to cancel, right? You are also able to change tee size month-to-month so if you want to share it with a family member or friend just email us at and let us know you want to change the tee size. 

How does billing work for my subscription? Upon enrollment your credit or debit card will immediately be charged $14.05 (shipping & processing included), and you will be shipped your introductory shirt. Then, on the 1st of every month thereafter [our CC processor will authorize on the last day of the month], you will be charged $14.05 (shipping & processing included) for that month’s uniquely designed, Kentucky-themed t-shirt, which you will receive within the first week.

Will all of your Tee of the Month t-shirts have a Kentucky-theme?
 Yes! We love Kentucky's uniqueness, and we are proud of our state – just like all Kentuckians scattered across our country. Through Tee of the Month, we want to offer all folks who love the Commonwealth a way to wear this pride.

Can I purchase the Tee of the Month without subscribing? The simple answer is that you cannot. Tee of the Month is a unique program, and we are trying to keep the t-shirts special for our subscribers. But at just $14.05/month, we believe there is no other company or program who is better at helping you show off your pride in our great state!

How do I update my account? Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with a unique code, assigned solely and specifically to your account. Keep this email and code handy, as it is here that you can easily update your address or credit-card information, should it change. To change your shirt size, you will need to contact us. Just shoot us an email through our contact page here on our website.  If you would like help updating any of your account information, you can always contact us and we'll be glad to help.

What kind of shirts do use? We use 100% ringspun cotton for our Adult tees. Ringspun cotton has a soft feel, wears very comfortably. Tees are unisex tees. You can see the sizing guide here (click the size chart link). We use a 50/50 pre-shrunk, poly-cotton blend for our Youth tees. The poly-cotton blend is durable and wears very light.

Can I give a Tee of the Month subscription as a gift?
 Yes! One of the really neat features of Tee of the Month is that you can give a subscription as a gift to someone (talk about the gift that keeps on giving). Just make sure you select the Gift Sub Plan and fill out the appropriate information on the form (where the shirt will be shipped, recipient’s name, etc.). Be sure to input YOUR email address for account purposes.

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