“I Must Have Kentucky” [6/5/2015]

No question – Abraham Lincoln is and will always be one of the most treasured Kentuckians.  Born in Hodgenville in 1809, Lincoln lived the first seven years of his life in our great Commonwealth.  Although his family moved North, he never forgot the importance of Kentucky – that being most evident during our Nation’s Civil War.

Why was Kentucky so critical during the Civil War?  We ranked 9th in population. We were a major producer of agriculture – including tobacco, corn, wheat, hemp and flax. Horses? You bet. And the Ohio River provided a great defense to the states to the North and access both North and South.

So yeah, Lincoln knew how critical Kentucky was, and that’s what we’ve captured with his quote on the July Tee of the Month – “I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.

Can we get an “amen”?

Independence [5/25/2015]

Memorial Day Weekend – the official beginning of summer.  But it’s so much more. A time where we remember, honor and thank the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service to this great country. Those whose sacrifice created and continue to maintain the independence that we enjoy today.

It’s that same fierce independence that the pioneers showed as they moved westward into what was once known as Kentucky County, Virginia. It carried the early settlers through the difficult hardships and challenges they faced as they formed this great Commonwealth.

It was the proud sense of independence of our nation’s founders that shaped not only Kentucky, but also America… which we’ll celebrate just around the corner, the 4th of July.

So join us as we remember. Join us as we honor. Join us as we thank all who have helped create, defend and maintain our independence. And join us as we celebrate it a few weeks from now. You’ll have June’s #totm in hand in time for those Independence Day cookouts. Better yet, when folks ask you about it – you’ll be able to tell ’em what it means.

Fierce and proud. Independent. Kentucky.

Where The Buffalo Roam [4/27/2015]

After the receding waters of the Biblical floods we roamed over this Free land, changing the landscapes with our presence. From the Dakotas down to Kentucky, we, the Buffalo, passed through the cooling limestone waters of the great river and into the Blue Licks State Park for the salt spring and down through the Cumberland Gap.

Swaths of landscape were changed from our wallows. And with us, the ecosystem thrived. Today, we are still in the Bluegrass State regaining our numbers on private ranches and in State Parks with the pride and originality of who we are. We are the iconic image of what is to be restored.  We are the American Buffalo. And we are home in Kentucky.

Special thanks to Brandeon Hampton for sharing on the Buffalo.  Brandeon is the owner/operator of the Blackfish Bison Ranch in Winchester, KY.  For more information about the ranch, tours & purchasing meat contact Brandeon at 859-808-1285.

Weep No More [4/1/2015]

One of the treasures of Kentucky. – the 1st Saturday in May when the eyes of the world are fixated on us, the Commonwealth.
What’s your favorite part?  Is it the sight of the Twin Spires?  Getting dressed up, picking out or making that special Derby Hat?  Heading into the fun of Infield?  Placing that all important Trifecta bet?  Hitting it?!  A Mint Julep?  A piece of Derby Pie?  The call to the post?  Singing “My Old Kentucky Home”?
Or how about those horses?  When you hear “Riders Up!” and then those masses of sculpted muscle make their way onto the track and into the starting gates… are you getting goose bumps right now? Then those beautiful creatures explode out onto the dirt to fly around the track in “the most exciting two minutes in sports”. Coming out of turn 4 to battle down the final stretch – mmm-hmmm, this is Kentucky.
Whether it’s your favorite Derby tradition or a particular horse – who says you have to pick just one? We say “All of the Above”!  WEEP NO MORE Kentucky!  The Derby is coming!  Celebrate the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby with us!

Shine on Kentucky [2/23/15]

We know the sun will always shine bright on our old Kentucky home …
The Blue Moon of Kentucky?  Yeah, it’s still shining …
And there’s that drink …
Even before Kentucky was Kentucky, she shined bright.  And always will …
Kentucky has a flavor that’s all her own … now if only we could find a way to bottle it.

Shine On Kentucky!  Shine On!

Embedded Deep Within [1/26/15]

You know those mornings you wake up with that certain melody stuck in your head? If you’re lucky, it’s a good one – something from Bill Monroe, Darrell Scott, My Morning Jacket … you feel me. Point is, that’s what it’s like if you’re a Kentuckian. Every morning. Every day.
Just like one of those tunes in our head, or the thump-thump-thump in our heart … Kentucky sticks with us wherever we go. It’s more than the people and the places. Or the flora and fauna. It’s something that all Kentuckians share, far and wide, at home and abroad.
And it’s something that’s difficult to put into words. We thought Jesse Stuart said it so well that we put it on February’s shirt – “I take with me Kentucky embedded in my brain and heart.” February’s “Embedded” shirt reminds us not to take for granted the beauty that Kentucky provides us. Look around, breathe Kentucky in, and fix her characteristics in your brain and in your heart.
Kentucky – couldn’t shake her even if we wanted to. Good thing we don’t want to.

Finley Valentine’s Tee Campaign [1/18/15]

February is the month of love, and there’s no greater love than that of a parent & child.

We’d like you to meet the Ellisons. They have a battle to fight and a story to tell. Nearly two years ago, the Ellisons lost their son, Finley William, to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). They have since dedicated themselves to fighting SIDS, with the hope that one day they’ll help to end it.

My Kentucky Tee is honored to play a small role in that battle by offering the Finley Valentine tee. $6 of every sale goes toward SIDS research via Finley’s Foundation. The Finley Valentine tee is available in red & pink from Jan 18 through Jan 28.

Please visit www.finley105.org to learn more and to see how you can help fight SIDS.

And to Dwayne, Crissy, Riley & Charlie – we’ve got our hands up with the Finley sign for you guys. Here’s to your family!

Everything is Better in the Bluegrass [12/15/14]

It could shape up to be another cold winter in Kentucky. But hey – polar vortex? Puh-lease. El Niño? Pshhh. Whatever you wanna throw at us, Old Man Winter, we can take it. No matter how bad it gets, we can take it. Because this is the Bluegrass, and everything is better in the Bluegrass. Even an endless winter.

For the geographical-sticklers out there, yes, we realize that the Bluegrass is technically a specific region of the Commonwealth (we see you, elementary school teachers). But let’s face it – Kentucky is known far & wide as the Bluegrass state, and January’s shirt says it loud and clear: Everything is better in the Bluegrass.

There’s magic in the Bluegrass, folks. You know it. You can see it in the scenery – soaked in sun or coated in snow. You can find it down any given Main Street in the state. You can hear it in the trumpet call to the post. You can feel it every time you come home to Kentucky from a trip outside of her arms. The Bluegrass is bone-deep, and we can’t get enough of it.

So let ‘em know – the Bluegrass makes everything better. Everything. Subscribe today …

Welcome to the Fold, Kentucky [11/30/14]

The year was 1792.

The animals were plenty, the neighbors were fierce, and the landscape was even more beautiful than today (yeah, hard to imagine, we know). You could just as likely walk outside and take in a breathtaking view of creation as you could take an arrow to the arm. The American spirit was full of expansion and exploration, and no territory brought that out more than what was previously known as “Kentucky County, Virginia”.

Considered prime hunting territory for groups of Shawnee & Cherokee, Kentucky was also a bounty for early American settlers, who introduced tobacco, corn and hemp to the area. Some dude named Daniel Boone was out discovering what the land had to offer, and becoming one of its biggest advocates – and legends – in the process.

On June 1, 1792, this great state of ours joined the Union as the 15th state and officially became known as the “Commonwealth of Kentucky”. And so, with our inaugural “1792” tee, we recognize when everything that makes Kentucky awesome became official. We celebrate the bona fide beginning of the Bluegrass.

Celebrate with us. Subscribe today and wear your Kentucky history proudly.

– Matt, Mike, Trae