“I Must Have Kentucky” [6/5/2015]

No question – Abraham Lincoln is and will always be one of the most treasured Kentuckians.  Born in Hodgenville in 1809, Lincoln lived the first seven years of his life in our great Commonwealth.  Although his family moved North, he never forgot the importance of Kentucky – that being most evident during our Nation’s Civil War.

Why was Kentucky so critical during the Civil War?  We ranked 9th in population. We were a major producer of agriculture – including tobacco, corn, wheat, hemp and flax. Horses? You bet. And the Ohio River provided a great defense to the states to the North and access both North and South.

So yeah, Lincoln knew how critical Kentucky was, and that’s what we’ve captured with his quote on the July Tee of the Month – “I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.

Can we get an “amen”?

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