Independence [5/25/2015]

Memorial Day Weekend – the official beginning of summer.  But it’s so much more. A time where we remember, honor and thank the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in service to this great country. Those whose sacrifice created and continue to maintain the independence that we enjoy today.

It’s that same fierce independence that the pioneers showed as they moved westward into what was once known as Kentucky County, Virginia. It carried the early settlers through the difficult hardships and challenges they faced as they formed this great Commonwealth.

It was the proud sense of independence of our nation’s founders that shaped not only Kentucky, but also America… which we’ll celebrate just around the corner, the 4th of July.

So join us as we remember. Join us as we honor. Join us as we thank all who have helped create, defend and maintain our independence. And join us as we celebrate it a few weeks from now. You’ll have June’s #totm in hand in time for those Independence Day cookouts. Better yet, when folks ask you about it – you’ll be able to tell ’em what it means.

Fierce and proud. Independent. Kentucky.

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