Where The Buffalo Roam [4/27/2015]

After the receding waters of the Biblical floods we roamed over this Free land, changing the landscapes with our presence. From the Dakotas down to Kentucky, we, the Buffalo, passed through the cooling limestone waters of the great river and into the Blue Licks State Park for the salt spring and down through the Cumberland Gap.

Swaths of landscape were changed from our wallows. And with us, the ecosystem thrived. Today, we are still in the Bluegrass State regaining our numbers on private ranches and in State Parks with the pride and originality of who we are. We are the iconic image of what is to be restored.  We are the American Buffalo. And we are home in Kentucky.

Special thanks to Brandeon Hampton for sharing on the Buffalo.  Brandeon is the owner/operator of the Blackfish Bison Ranch in Winchester, KY.  For more information about the ranch, tours & purchasing meat contact Brandeon at 859-808-1285.

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