Everything is Better in the Bluegrass [12/15/14]

It could shape up to be another cold winter in Kentucky. But hey – polar vortex? Puh-lease. El Niño? Pshhh. Whatever you wanna throw at us, Old Man Winter, we can take it. No matter how bad it gets, we can take it. Because this is the Bluegrass, and everything is better in the Bluegrass. Even an endless winter.

For the geographical-sticklers out there, yes, we realize that the Bluegrass is technically a specific region of the Commonwealth (we see you, elementary school teachers). But let’s face it – Kentucky is known far & wide as the Bluegrass state, and January’s shirt says it loud and clear: Everything is better in the Bluegrass.

There’s magic in the Bluegrass, folks. You know it. You can see it in the scenery – soaked in sun or coated in snow. You can find it down any given Main Street in the state. You can hear it in the trumpet call to the post. You can feel it every time you come home to Kentucky from a trip outside of her arms. The Bluegrass is bone-deep, and we can’t get enough of it.

So let ‘em know – the Bluegrass makes everything better. Everything. Subscribe today …

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